Family kitchen remodelling

LOCATION: Waltham Forest, East London
CLIENT: Private client
STATUS: Completed

  • Upgrade existing kitchen
  • Deliver more storage space
  • Create a children’s dining area
  • Create a space for meal preparation and family gatherings

Creating a stylish and sociable kitchen space in which a family with young children could prepare food and eat it together was the challenge here.

With limited space to work with in this Victorian terraced house, our strategy was to develop two distinct areas, one for preparing meals and dining, the other for washing and cooking.

We designed the latter as a traditional kitchen, running parallel with the external wall. This would make service installation easy, and afford anyone standing at the sink doing the washing-up with an attractive view of the garden.

The food preparation and eating area was characterised by a large counter surface with plenty of room to spread out ingredients for making cakes and cookies with the children. We also ensured there was seating and storage space below, and we added a single line of shelving high-up to enable the storage of informal, everyday items.

View of contemporary, modern granite counter top breakfast bar with contrasting lime green bar stools with high level white shelf and satin metal brackets for an Ikea kitchen remodelling in Leytonstone, Waltham Forest, London
View of contemporary, modern kitchen run with complementing grey tiles and window adjacent to kitchen sink of an Ikea kitchen remodelling in Leytonstone, Waltham Forest, London